Global Institute of heliPort operation management


  1. In our nation about 60 lac people's average Gross Total Income is near about five million. In other words, these six million consumers are waiting to spend about five million annually.

  1. As we already have a vast pool of unemployed engineers waiting for suitable opportunities

  1. These statistics give opportunities to provide lacs of jobs in the field of providing premium services to our high earning consumers.

  1. Due to this group's capability of making above average income; they are bound to need to mobilize fast.

  1. The potential for safe, fast, on-demand vertical air transport over congested urban traffic; definitely going to entice this premium Indian group.

  2. And exactly this provides us a window of hope for a new career in the field of heliport operation management.

  3. That is why we envisaged:

Global Institute of heliPort operation management

Global Institute of heliPort operation management

Global Institute of heliPort operation management


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